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A redistribution

Mitchel Cumming & Kenzee Patterson

October 8 – 29, 2022

Metro Arts, Meanjin / Brisbane

This exhibition has been developed upon the unceded sovereign Country of Yugarabul, Yuggera, Jagera, Turrbal, Worimi, Dharug, Gadigal and Bidjigal peoples, and we pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge their intricate networks of knowledge sharing, engineering and food production, and their histories of navigation and trade within and beyond this land.

‘A redistribution’ is an iterative exhibition project by Mitchel Cumming and Kenzee Patterson, built around a pair of early colonial basalt millstones from the Powerhouse Museum’s collection in Sydney. These millstones, though not physically present at Metro Arts, function as a conceptual locus around which the rest of the exhibition centrifugally spins.

Resisting dominant Western narratives of settlement, growth, industry and the developmental to which the millstones have been tethered, the artists instead follow the poetic, speculative threads that the stones themselves suggest. Working across sculpture, printmaking and installation, Mitchel and Kenzee refine the various material, ethical and political implications bound up in the complex, animate histories of the millstones.

The second iteration of this exhibition will take place at the University of Sydney’s Verge Gallery in February 2023.

Audio Descriptions of selected works are available for the blind and low-vision community, and can be accessed via wall-mounted QR codes in the space. Using the gallery wall as a guide, shoreline with your cane to locate the tactile floor markings situated directly below these QR codes.

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