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Interview with the Artists – Famished Future Feeders

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Tragedy, catastrophe, and hilarity ensue with Famished Future Feeders, crafted by theatre collective Robert the Cat, starring TAFE Queensland Acting alumni.

Set against the backdrop of an oddly utopian dystopia, FFF explores a near-future world in a dark, comedic way. Hear from the actors and playwrights involved: Georgina Sawyer (Actor), Milan Bjelajac (Actor), Peta Kishawi (Actor), Lachlan Orton (Actor), John Ford (Actor) and Jules Broun (Playwright & Actor).





Georgina Sawyer (GS): Oddly familiar dystopia.

Milan Bjelajac (MB): Unique. Raw. Intense.

Peta Kishawi (PK): Twisted. Ttillating. Tumultuous.

Lachlan Orton (LO): Bold. Bonkers. Delicious.

John Ford (JF): Raw. Punchy. Seasoned.

Jules Broun (JB): Dark. Disturbing. Comedic.




GS: They should expect something to hit a little too close to home.

MB: They won’t know whether to laugh or cry.

PK: The feeling of a VHS tape set to rewind.

LO: The unexpected…

JF: Famished Future Feeders is an in-yer-face dark comedy that embodies an ever-increasing possible future. It delves into a raw execution of a societal divide and stirs the question of; is there contentment when you’ve got it all? Is there more to give when there’s nothing left?

JB: Great acting, brilliant staging, and uncomfortably funny banter

RTC directors: Lisa O’Neill and Anatoly Frusin: It is always a total joy to work with our former students and see them not just acting, but writing, devising and directing their own material. Following the resounding success of Patrick Mu’a’s Sunny Tribe District, we are extremely excited to be working with 2021 graduate Jules Broun, alongside a stellar cast on the 2024 premiere of her first play Famished Future Feeders. To say that Jules’ voice is unique would be a gross understatement! The RTC crew are taking the challenge head on, and will be dishing up something to remember!!!

Playwright: Jules Broun: An emotionally and physically demanding dramatic work designed to be challenging for theatre’s makers and audiences alike. An acerbically funny theatre piece of contemplation and complicity but also hilarious and heartbreaking melodrama.






GS: I try to honour the perspective that people are weirder than we give them credit.

MB: Bold. I relish the opportunity to express myself physically on stage and seize the space. Everything else is the cherry on top.

PK: Driven, sincere, and playful.

LO: High energy. Limitless.

JF: Well, with this face I am more refined for the stage… Bringing my larger-than-life personality mixed with comedic wit and stylised movements, I enjoy tackling each character, situation, and story as they come.

JB: Someone who wants to ground themselves in truth and reality but also challenge and heighten it past the point of what is extant and comfortable




GS: Lindy Elkins-Tanton is a planetary scientist who inspires me. I see parallels between the creative and scientific industries through their search for answers to questions about life and why we’re here. Tanton uses her passion to overcome the adversity faced by being a woman in a male-dominated industry and the general hardships of pursuing a competitive career.

MB: My family inspires me. I’m a first-generation Australian who was fortunate enough to be given the chance to pursue my dreams. I have a little boy at home and want to show him 5-10-20 years later that it pays off to dream big and chase it.

PK: My Nana June, because she keeps getting back on the horse.

LO: Bec Day. She inspires me deeply. A fellow alumni doing amazing work and being an amazing human.

JF: Lisa O’Neill and Anatoly Frusin, both the directors and teachers at TAFE Queensland. Having been taught and trained under their care for three years, it is because of them I owe them this wonderful opportunity. They have offered many insights and helped to not only strengthen and build upon my skills but also pave and shape myself as a creative artist.

JB: Other artists and their art in all its forms




GS: Because of my high school drama teacher.

MB: I always liked movies and TV shows growing up and it got to the stage in high school where I tried everything from woodwork to basketball. In the end, I always had a flair for the dramatic so I applied myself in Drama Class and associated after-school extracurricular activities. Now almost 10 years since my first high school play, we’re still going strong. I’ve had the chance to meet some extraordinary performers in Brisbane over the years and look forward to acting and learning from many more in the future.

PK: Much like the Phantom of the Opera, I was raised in a theatre. I turned out less creepy and with only slightly better style.

LO: On a whim. My high school drama teacher saved me…

JF: From a young age there has always been a creative flare that I have wanted to pursue. It wasn’t until high school and university that I was able to explore and find who I was as a creative individual. Now, having had many different opportunities can I appreciate the dedication and work it takes within the performing arts industry. For me, it’s the collection of commitment, excitement, and nerves until you take that final bow which makes it all the more rewarding.

JB: Curiosity after a lifetime of writing for myself and some experience in filmmaking.


Famished Future Feeders premieres at Metro Arts 3 – 13 July, at New Benner Theatre, West Village, West End. 

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