Art. Starts. Here.

Metro Arts is the home of independent contemporary artists.
We are an incubator, a testing and learning site, a space for artistic expression, provocation, conversation and community.


We create & present outstanding new contemporary Australian art.

Challenging, experimental & diverse art.

We advocate for the social and health benefits of regular arts and cultural experiences and the intrinsic value to our society.

“Metro Arts provides support to artists whilst also offering creative freedom.”

– Performance Program Artist, 2022

We stimulate creative thinking  & conversation.

Metro Arts works exclusively in contemporary art because these are the artforms of the future – these are the ones that make new ways of seeing, thinking and feeling possible.
These contemporary artforms, and the artists investigating them, continue to articulate a new understanding and a new way forward.


“This was my first major solo exhibition…having that at an institution such as Metro Arts gives the work credence.”

– Exhibition Program Participant, 2022


Pathways into the organisation & the sector.

Pathways for social & health benefits to connect & strengthen communities.

Pathways forward.


“…it’s worth noting Metro Arts accounts for 19 nominations across 12 categories, cementing itself as a champion of independent and emerging local artists.”

– Matilda Awards, 2023


Moving forward with its new Strategic Plan and resultant program, Metro Arts will further position itself as a leader in sector recovery and advancement.
Our programs will continue to support the sector as it rebuilds, with the needs of the independent artists at the fore of all sector advocacy we undertake.
Metro Arts has always advocated for the recognition of the working parameters of independent artists – this part of the ecology is nimble, deeply embedded in ideas of a portfolio career, with organisations needing to support this.

“… incredible support and encouragement.

A team of people that want you to succeed and have all the skills to make that happen.”

– Performance Program Artist, 2022
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